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What Are The Costs Associated With Hiring a Private Investigator?

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What Are The Costs Associated With Hiring a Private Investigator?

Whether you have a criminal case or a domestic case that needs investigation, or a simple employee or potential employee background check that needs to be run, a private investigator is the best way to get the answers you seek. In Miami, here are some general costs associated with hiring a private investigator and the breakdown as to what the costs or charges are used for.

  •  Flat Rates: Some private investigators have certain services that they provide at a flat rate, as they know what costs they will incur and on average how much time and effort it will take to get these jobs done. Background checks and record searches are common “flat rate” services so you will know what they cost going in.
  • Retainers: Like with an attorney or any professional who will spend X number of hours working for you to get a job done that has no pre-determined end, just a desired result, retainers are used, based on a certain number of hours and hard costs, like reports pulled, paid up front. When the retainer is spent the customer can refill the retainer and continue on or stop the process. Private investigators and private detectives don’t have crystal balls, they can only tell you what they find as they find it, so many jobs, the time spent completing them will vary.
  • Hourly Rates: Some private investigators and private detectives simply charge by the hour for their services, from $25-$35 an hour and up. But this is just for the services they provide. Usually hard costs and incurred fees such as parking, mileage and travel are added to the hourly fees.
  • Mileage: This is an obvious cost based on the gas they use and the wear on vehicles for miles traveled in your service.
  • Per Diems: Private investigators and private detectives have to eat too, and sometimes they roll other costs, such as mileage, into daily fees known as per diems, which is essentially a hard cost allowance per day for things like food.
  • Hard Costs: These are actual things purchased for your specific job, such as a credit report, background report, or equipment needed to help you get the answers that you seek.
  • Travel costs: Some jobs, especially marital cases and criminal cases, require long distance travel that incurs airline or bus fare and things like rental car fees and hotel fees incurred while the private investigator or private detective work for you.
  • Urgency premium: Some people need a job performed right away, and that comes at a premium as the private investigator or private detective might need to juggle schedules, move work or even lose potential jobs to accommodate.
  • Surveillance costs: GPA systems and bugs and other devices that private investigators and private detectives use are not free and sometimes can only be used once, therefore you may incur charges for these items.

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