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Nanny Misconduct & Child Custody

Worried about whether or not your children are safe with their nanny, your ex, or at a sleepover? Fast Investigators can conduct online research into caregivers, or conduct physical surveillance at a school or sleepover location. If you have concerns that someone who is under court order isn’t keeping your child, our fast investigators can ensure that they’re following your custody agreement and not putting your children in risky situations. This admissible evidence can also help you evaluate whether to try to gain increased custody of your children.

Locate a Missing Person

Were you adopted? Looking for your high school or college sweetheart? An old relative? Your birth parents? There are many reasons you might need to find someone. Our investigators have tools that aren’t available to the public, allowing us to find people world wide.

Background Checks

A background check is a vital tool. Our detectives can access public records to identify any and all criminal records, employment histories, previous addresses, and educational achievements for your nanny, potential employee, or anyone else.

Cyber Security & Financial Investigations

Are you afraid your information could have been stolen in a recent hack of a major company or website, such as Ashley Madison or Adult Friend Finder? Knowing your level of exposure and how to contain them will help you make decisions to protect yourself. You’ll know what passwords to change and what bank accounts to watch. Financial forensics investigators can also help you determine if someone is hiding assets from you, during a divorce case or legal proceeding.

Business Fraud & Mystery Shopper

Worried that your employees are stealing from you? Curious as to how your employees act when you aren’t there? Want to know how customers are being treated? Fast Investigators will visit your business or use your services, and provide a full report on the experience – so you can protect your company and avoid negative reviews.


Late nights at the office? Maybe you have suspicions about late nights at the office, a new phone number calling late at night, or frequent business trips to the same city. Don’t lie awake and wonder about it. Get the peace of mind you deserve. Our investigators use physical surveillance and desktop data to confirm or deny your spouse or partner’s infidelity.

Computer or Cell Phone Forensic Recovery Services

Cell Phones are everywhere. Our detectives can access public cell phone records to identify any and all GPS tracking, call histories, addresses visited. This can help you determine other services which may be needed.

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