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Private Investigators Reveal How They Catch Cheaters

Private Investigators Reveal How They Catch Cheaters

It is never pleasant to suspect that your spouse might be cheating on you, but if you have suspicions they will not go away, you need to find out the truth. Unfortunately, where there is smoke, as the old saying goes, there is usually fire. It may be time to find concrete answers as to whether or not your spouse is having an affair. While you may play amateur sleuth, to get real answers and concrete proof, proof that will hold up in court if you need it, a skilled professional private investigator can help you get the truth and the answers that you need to find some closure and put the issue behind you once and for all.

But how do private investigators track cheaters in the modern world?

Certainly they don’t use aged techniques to find answers today. We live in the digital age, and private investigators, like the rest of the world, now benefit from modern technology. They have a myriad of modernized tools and techniques that they can use to track cheaters down, get the answers and proof you need, and help your wayward spouse to justice.

  • PI’s now track the social media and digital trail that cheaters leave! Most people today connect through social media sites, by texts in phones or through emails. Cheaters leave digital trails, literally like digital footprints that private investigators can track to find the truth. Even the safest cheater will make a mistake, like having their hidden partner as a friend on a social media site in plain view for example. Full privacy in the digital age is almost impossible to find.
  • PI’s can track cheaters to their secret trysts with GPS systems. There are rules for electronically monitoring a vehicle or tracking one, but if both spouses own the vehicle in many instances that can be gotten around with consent by one of the owners. So with little or no chance of being detected, a private investigator can follow a cheating spouse to catch them during an infidelity, being only moments behind the cheater but far out of site.
  • Cell phones offer a ton of evidence in the case of most cheaters. There are several things that can be used through a spouse’s cell phone to tell if they are cheating. The first clue is usually found in the phone bill. Are there many calls to one number and are they often long calls? These are signs of cheating. Private investigators that are good at their trade can retrieve deleted phone calls from cell phones, which can contain a treasure trove of proof.

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