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How to Find a Private Investigator Near You

Private investigator near me

How to Find a Private Investigator Near You

There are many reasons that people and businesses require the help of a private investigator. Lawyers often employ private investigators to help gather evidence for criminal and civil cases. People often hire private investigators to find out whether or not a spouse or partner is cheating on them and they can be very helpful in divorce and custody cases. Businesses hire private investigators to do background checks on prospective employees.

Whatever the reason your need for a private investigator may be, there are a number of things you will want to look for when hiring a private investigator near you. Here is a list of things to consider when hiring a private investigator.


  • Reputation: You’ll want to find a local or national private investigative firm (that has skilled private detectives in your area) that has a proven track record and a great reputation. The last thing you want is a novice or someone with little or no training working for you. When it comes to finding information or gathering proof in something important like a divorce case, for example, you want a skilled, trained representative who is good at what they do.
  • Experience: Experience is key to the success of a private investigator. Private investigators are not law enforcement officers, so they must understand and stay within what they are legally allowed to do. Also, there are many investigative techniques that can only be learned from hands on experience. Everyone has to start somewhere, but there should be an experienced manager or investigator involved.
  • Client List: As with most businesses the best way to get a feel for how effective a company is starts with looking at and talking to successful clients. If a private investigator or investigative firm has satisfied customers, and larger local customers, then they very likely know what they are doing and are good at their business.
  • Licensing: It is good to check on required, and even selective licensing, that might be required for whomever you hire in whatever area you require a private investigator to work in. Not all PI’s need to carry guns for example, but some may follow leads that take them to places where one is required for safety, so they would have to be licensed and trained.
  • Technology: The last thing anyone wants is to hire a private investigator in today’s world who acts like they are a gumshoe from a 1940’s film noire. Modern PI’s use modern surveillance techniques and available technology like GPS, for tracking and following, for example.


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