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How Private Investigators Help Attorneys

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How Private Investigators Help Attorneys

Attorneys have cases of all forms, and clients of all shapes and sizes from all walks of life and all classes, all with different needs. Often in the course of constructing or building a case, or even closing a case out, attorneys require the skills of a good private detective. Private detectives perform countless duties for lawyers, from digging up dirt in divorce cases to tracking down criminal activities in serious legal cases.

Private investigators are not law enforcement officials, but they are licensed and insured and trained in surveillance and detective skills. So while there are some things that private investigators simply can’t do for attorneys, there are plenty of things that they can do to help on a case. Here is a list of ways that private detectives assist attorneys on a regular basis:


  • Background Checks: Information from credit reports, criminal records and past living addresses are investigated.
  • Criminal Investigations: Private investigators, within the legal limits of the law, will follow clues and try and solve cases to the best of their abilities.
  • Investigating a Digital Footprint: This is a big service in the modern digital age, where so much can be found about people through the Internet and social media. Cheating spouses can be found, threats, past instances of instabilities or even bigotry can be located in the digital footprint a person leaves.
  • Records Searches: Private investigators can compile comprehensive records searches, from criminal backgrounds to even credit checks for potential high level employees or potential marriage partners. Attorneys represent many clients with comprehensive search needs for various reasons.
  • Following Suspects: To a certain degree, as dictated by state law, private investigators can tail people or follow people. In fact, in divorce cases or corporate cases so long as someone who requests this service is on a title, private investigators can use GPS to track someone’s car or phone.
  • Gathering Intelligence: There are a myriad of legal ways for private investigators to gather intelligence on potential lawsuit targets, potential employees, and even corporate competition for corporate clients.
  • Surveillance: Modern technology has made the skilled private investigator much better at performing surveillance, if they know what they are doing and utilize the best technology available.
  • Credibility investigations: What good is a witness in any case if their credibility is destroyed, no matter how great or truthful their testimony. Investigators are used to both verify and fine holes in a potential witness’ credibility.
  • Tracking down potential witnesses: Sometimes witnesses leave a scene before they can be identified and they must be tracked down and interviewed to build a successful case.
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