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How hiring a private investigator can help your child custody case

child custody investigations

How hiring a private investigator can help your child custody case

There is nothing pleasant about having to end a relationship, especially with a spouse. The legalities can be a nightmare. This is an especially difficult situation when children and custody are involved, but do you want a lying, cheating spouse to have custody of you kids? Do you want your Ex-partner to walk away Scott free and raise YOUR children? Here is a list of some common things that a private investigator or private detective can help you with in your child custody case:

  • Character: If your spouse is cheating on you, involved in immoral or illegal behavior, or is generally not a good person, the court will take this into consideration. It is obvious that these are not the qualities a parent should be teaching a child or exposing a child to, and a private investigator or private detective can help educate the court in regards to such behavior.
  • Integrity: Someone who is cheating or dealing in drugs or any such immoral activity obviously lacks integrity, which is an important quality for any parent to have and exhibit. Certain proof dug up by a private investigator or private detective can help paint a picture for the court.
  • Ability to Support: Unfortunately some parents will do anything that they can to get out of paying their fair share of support for a child. As sad as that is, a PI or a private detective can offer proof of financial ability to a court, so a judge can determine fair financial support.
  • Lifestyle Data: Perhaps your spouse will try and depict you as someone they have grown apart from, for reasons that are your fault, driving them into the arms of another. It is a good tactic, but lifestyle issues (such as going to clubs, excessive drinking, gambling, etc.) can show the court that this person is not fit to be a custodial parent.
  • Criminal Background: Obviously a criminal or someone with a criminal background should not be a primary caregiver or parent, but your ex-spouse may hide his criminal activity or may have buried past records. A private detective or private investigator can get the proof you need.
  • Physical or Psychological Threats: While your spouse may scare your child and abuse them, sometimes this is very difficult to prove, and a court must be unbiased and swayed only by proof. A PI or private detective can get proof, which is their job, so the child can grow up protected, safe and sound.
  • Drug or Alcohol Issues: Perhaps you are and have been unaware, but your spouse or ex-spouse may have well-hidden drug or alcohol abuse issues. These are certainly things that a court would want to know about and that a judge would take into consideration in a custody case.
  • Emotional State: Perhaps your spouse or ex-partner is undergoing a “mid-life crisis”, but this goes to show an emotional state that exposes instability in a person, which is not good for any child.

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